Bourdeau has always witnessed this fracture between abstract and figurative art, yet for him, these two energies are complementary. His approach is tinged with his experience of life, which vacillates between the real and the imaginary. His balance depends on this alternation between these two worlds. It's as simple as opening and closing your eyes, everything is so close and a whole world separates these spaces...


Bourdeau needs to be in nature to paint what he sees.  The interpretation of the landscape is not meant to be caricatural but as close as possible to the reality perceived by the artist.  Nature is the best teacher by its changing colours, atmospheres and lights. Bourdeau needs to keep in touch with this reality. This figuration is part of one of my main plastic concerns and allows me to keep my equilibrium, to communicate my love of nature and to share my gratitude towards it''.

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Bourdeau also needs to explore matter in its raw, mystical, hidden nature, by its physics, its behaviour in the space proposed. The plans, colours and lines, sometimes precise, sometimes fluid, are the result of a spontaneous approach, where the elements (water, pigments and canvases) take their place and express themselves. This first gesture, very mechanical, allows the artist to access his unconscious.

The second gesture of the painter is to bring the unconscious closer to the conscious, on the way to a metaphysical space. Without looking for the figurative elements that could be proposed in these forms, it is rather the balance of the elements (colours, plane, lines and direction) that will animate the artist.



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